Our philosophy

Nine June’s philosophy is to respect the environment and the personality.
To be able to diminish at most the environmental impact, we created a recovery chain for our bags.
We have our heart set to offer our products a second life. That is why you should not dump Your bag. At the time Your bag will have completely fulfilled his mission et You decide to get rid of it, we will recuperate it with pleasure and he will once again surprise You.

Send him back to us And we can recycle it and produce new accessories Like card holders, storage case or phone and laptop case.

To show our thanks, you will receive a promotional code you may use on our online shop for the purchase of any new product of our assortment.

The accessories’ design and production will be managed by AFIRO, who’s aim is the reintegration of people benefitting from the invalid insurance.

A part of our benefits will be distributed to some institutions.


The reception and proceed of your order will be managed by Polyval in Switzerland. This company allows people benefitting from the invalid insurance or in social difficulties to improve their autonomy trough work and adapted environment, to reintegrate the professional and social world.

All our products are designed in Switzerland.