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 Fondue kit for 4 people removable

The perfect companion to our NJ-APERO to satisfy a melting desire anytime, anywhere!

As comfortable on a ride as on a table at home.

Small, light and strong

Once disassembled, it fits in a box of 16x16 x9 cm. including with his bowl!
There will always be a place in your bag your NJ-FONDUE.

It weighs about 550 gr.
You can imagine that it's the same weight as a pound of bread!

Made of stainless steel sheet, it is unbreakable!
At worst, if you dropped it, the sheet will be bent


Storage box, detachable stainless steel hob, stainless steel fondue pot 800 ml, 1 pastry burner, 4 special stainless steel forks, protection plate